Joseph L. Curtin

Joseph L. Curtin has been a management and leadership development consultant since 1984 serving over 100 clients in the financial, insurance, professional, support, technical, personal, accommodation, travel, and recreation services industries as well as organizations in transportation, construction, manufacturing, food products, rental, retail, wholesale trade, mining, automotive repair, furniture restoration, window tinting, information, health care and real estate.  Some of his leadership development clients include Airstream, Farmer John Meats, Evans Foods, Madison Industries, and Reynolds Aluminum.

An innovator in the field of leadership, Joseph L. Curtin designed one of the first leadership Master’s degrees in the United States for the International School of Leadership in Tampa, FL in 1977-1978, taught leadership for California State University, Northridge and Ashford University and currently teaches leadership for Northeastern University. In addition to leadership development, Joseph L. Curtin has provided management consulting and project management services in the areas of organization restructuring, marketing, sales, strategic planning, managerial accounting, financing, productivity, human resources, communication, reward systems, and organization culture.  Publications to his credit include:

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Joseph L. Curtin, a graduate of Eastern Illinois University with Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees and California Coast University with a Doctor of Philosophy degree, is or was a member of the Association for Talent Development - National and Los Angeles, Association of Leadership Educators, Encino Chamber of Commerce, International Leadership Association (Los Angeles Conference Planning Committee 2007−2008), Los Angeles Organizational Development Network, Professionals in Human Resources Association, Turnaround Management Association (Southwest Chapter Secretary/Treasurer 1990−1991), Society for Human Resource Management, Staffing Management Association of Southern California (Diversity Director 2009) and Better Business Bureau where he received the highest rating possible. He has spoken to groups such as the Monrovia Rotary Club, the Small Business Council of Torrance Chamber of Commerce, and L.A. Chapter of American Production & Inventory Control Society.  Speaking topics include:

    • “How to Lead Anyone; Building Self-Esteem; Styles of Leadership”
    • “How to Be Viewed As a Leader in Business Turnaround”